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Vertical louvre blinds for privacy and glare control

vertical blinds for officesVertical louvre blinds are a traditional shading solution especially suitable for larger windows, with fabric louvres easily rotated to adjust shading or to provide privacy. They are the most practical solution for curved bays, or windows with arched or sloping heads. 

Manufactured from robust well-proven hardware components with a choice of flame retardant fabrics from the ShadeTech portfolio, ShadeTech® vertical blinds provide effective control of light, heat and glare in all situations.

The hardware system comprises of a slim-line white powder coated extruded aluminum headrail with weighted louvres suspended from linked, retractable nylon carriages within the headrail, and connected with a link chain to ensure synchronized movement.

Blind for arched windowShadeTech® vertical blinds are manually operated with dual cords for tilt and traverse, a single control chain, or a tilt wand.  Motorisation is also an option, and particularly suitable for high level windows.

Key benefits:

A practical solution for very wide windows.

Versatile – can be curved, arched and made to fit sloping and irregular shaped windows.

Easily adjustable  – draw and tilt mechanisms give infinite shading options

A huge range of ShadeTech branded or proprietary fabric colours, textures, and densities to suit every environment, for shading or for room darkening



Click on the link below for specific product details:

mono control vertical blind

Standard chain and cord control:

ShadeTech® System VL2 Vertical Louvre Blinds


Mono cord control:

ShadeTech® System VL3 - M Vertical Louvre Blinds


Bio-cote Mono wand control:

ShadeTech® System VL4 Vertical Louvre Blinds


Window blind fabrics


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